T5T talks, workshops, and industry roundtables

Book Lauren Smith Brody to speak at your company, organization, or community group. You'll hear original T5T research and data about how any workplace can improve its environment, policies, and culture for new parents—resulting in stronger worker retention and innovation (and, oh yeah, happiness).

photo by Nancy Borowick

photo by Nancy Borowick

T5T consulting services

Bring The Fifth Trimester (T5T) plan to your workplace, improving hiring and retention—and ultimately improving your profitability. Use T5T to:

  • customize pumping space for mothers who breastfeed—and want to make that time productive.
  • bridge the divide between co-workers who do and don't have children.
  • offer flexible work arrangements that achieve better quality work in less time.
  • help Boomer, GenX, and Millennial parents communicate effectively.
  • prepare and motivate employees who are about to go out on parental leave.
  • offer meaningful, compassionate communication with employees who are out on parental leave.
  • develop customized re-entry plans.
  • evaluate the efficacy of your maternity and paternity leave policies.

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