The Fifth Trimester® is a movement to help parents and businesses revolutionize workplace culture together.


Funny thing about new awakens your nurturing instinct, not just for your baby but for other mothers and coworkers, too. Connect, share, learn, find the resources you need to prepare for working motherhood, either right here or by bringing The Fifth Trimester to your community or group.

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Need better policies? Already have great policies but want to foster more inclusion, more creativity, more wellness and satisfaction (not to mention better retention, recruitment, and reputation)? The Fifth Trimester offers everything from workshops and lunch-and-learns, to full-scale analysis and consulting.

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Wait...there's a whole fifth trimester?

See this cute graphic below? 800+ new moms—from all fields, all backgrounds, all approaches to parenthood—contributed to its findings, the biggest of which is this: Parents are going back to work months before they're emotionally and physically ready. That gap is actually a whole fifth trimester, a developmental phase. And with the right support and tools, it can set you up for lifelong satisfaction. 

original T5T data

original T5T data

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SHE Summit 2017 panel (Oct. 20, 2017): "Raising and Mentoring our Sons & Daughters" (scrub over to 36:20-1:03)

SHE Summit 2017 panel (Oct. 20, 2017): "Raising and Mentoring our Sons & Daughters" (scrub over to 36:20-1:03)

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