Actually, I was pregnant for eight years (with this)

I posted this photo today on Facebook -- hooray! My book cover is finished. For the big social media reveal (apparently a thing for authors...and it seems I am one now) I wanted a cute backdrop, so I grabbed this quilt that my cousin made when Will was born eight years ago. It was perfect, not just because of the vibrant colors and the love it was made with, but because holding it, I instantly remembered just how desperately in the weeds I was when I first used it.

Going back to work after maternity leave in a creative industry, I knew I was lucky in so many ways. A portion of my leave had been paid, my boss was supportive. And yet, I was haunted by the idea that I might never have a grand creative thought ever again. That I would never be able to tackle a huge skill-stretching project. That I would struggle to look back on any of this and laugh. Well, FALSE. Because, look. I just fulfilled a life-long dream. Not a minute too late or too soon. Some gestational periods just take years.