Baby as intern. Good idea? Bad idea? Discuss

You've been out on maternity leave. You come back, and then, a couple of months in: #workfail. Your nanny calls in sick, or your daycare is (whoops) closed for the national holiday that your workplace doesn't necessarily observe. That's what happened to my endocrinologist friend Maria who sent me this picture of her brilliant daughter Olivia. "I was out sick last week, and had patients who needed to be seen, so when I arrived at daycare and found it closed, we just kept driving to the office," says Maria. "So, here's Liv, in her fort made out of styrofoam drug shipment containers. Her toys? Yeah, those would be a plush stuffed ovary and testicle and my orchidometer (an instrument to assess testicular volume)! She did great! Making it all work is not an optional choice. But we are smiling through it!"