Did you have to bare your post-pregnancy belly when you went back to work?

I'm guessing not. I'll never forget an old colleague/friend of mine, bless her, who invited me and another colleague/friend over to meet her new baby while she was out on maternity leave. I was maybe two years out from starting a family of my own, so I took mental notes the whole time: So that's what you do with the baby bathtub when you only have one bathroom.... Ah, a white noise machine. Never seen one of those before.... And something else I'd never seen before: The wrinkled, oddly-beautiful bread-dough-soft belly she unshyly showed us when she nursed her baby girl. "Can you believe it looks like this," she asked us, slightly horrified but mostly amused.

In the years since then, it's become a bona fide trend for new moms to share pics of their real, deflated bellies. Barycenter's got a whole board dedicated to the topic, as does Babble. I love it. But most of these photos are taken at home, in the mirror, in a moment of cozy maternity leave nesting. 

Then, recently, as reported by Today parents, professional runner Stephanie Bruce, next-leveled the whole situation, posting photos of herself in her Fifth Trimester, getting back to work pounding the pavement getting back into shape for the Olympic trials—in exactly the same belly-baring running gear she'd always worn. Her message speaks for itself, so I had to share it as is: