This is what it looks like when a high-powered, awesome Swedish mom goes back to work

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.20.22 AM.png

(After six months—six months!—of maternity leave.)

Last week, Swedish Centre Party leader Annie Lööf and her maternity leave fill-in, a very game Anders W. Jonsson, released this awesome "Now. She. Is. Back." video spoof. You don't need to have been a childhood fan of the Muppets' Swedish Chef (like me) to translate the message here:

  • Maternity leave is normal.
  • Women come back to work capable and prepared and healthy.
  • So emotionally healthy, in fact, that they can make fun of themselves...
  • ...And the men are 100% on board, too. 

    As Lööf told The Local Sweden, in reality, she had "full confidence in Jonsson," whom she called "an eminent substitute." And she didn't hesitate to take her six months. "It was not a difficult choice, that these six months were going to be a time at home for me and [baby] Ester. Meanwhile, of course, I did not leave the political work behind; rather I carefully followed developments."

    Now that is how it's done! (Video below.)