Really the ONLY thing breastfeeding moms need to know

I have to get this off my (sorry) chest.

If you follow any mom bloggers, family policy Tweeters, or pregnant Instagrammers (and I follow a few!), your feed has been full of boobs and breastmilk in honor of the 25th anniversary of #WorldBreastfeedingWeek. That's a great thing because moms who nurse all night and pump at work all day deserve all of the applause emojis and support we can give them. 

But when I think of my time nursing and pumping, THIS picture -- of my three-year-old Will, feeding three-month-old Teddy -- is the one that I want to share the most. Here's why: Breastfeeding was, for me, an incredibly slippery slope of self-doubt and stubborn independence. Feeding my baby seemed like the most basic mothering skill I was supposed to have, and yet, it made me cry the biggest tears of pain and frustration. And it felt, at first, like it was ALL ON ME. But I was wrong.

The moment represented in this photo, which was taken the week before I went back to work, was an enormous victory for me: I'd gotten comfortable asking for help -- not just of my husband and friends, but even of my kid!

I think I was just out of the shower and wanted to achieve some colossal task like brushing my hair and getting dressed. Teddy was hungry. I handed Will the bottle. Was a three-year-old as skilled at feeding the baby as I was? Oh, not quite. But he got the job done!

So ask for the help you need, even when you think no one else can do it as well as you. 

Because this moment was a win for all three of us back then -- and now. These days, my boys love this picture even more than I do.