It's good for moms when dads brag about their skills

Mark Zuckerberg, as you know, is back in his hoodie at Facebook after his two-month paternity leave. But he's continuing to be loud and proud about being a new (and involved) daddy to baby daughter Max. In Berlin to receive an award last week, Zuck bragged adorably on German TV that he is a speed demon at diaper changing: "I got it down to 20 seconds, which I think is pretty good," he said, explaining that he'd been timing himself to improve his skills. Timing himself, friends.

I'm going to go ahead and admit that if my husband had ever made such a statement—especially when our son was three months old and I was headed back to work with mixed feelings—I would have thought (silently) many sour grape things, including:

- Oh sure, and then the diaper leaks...
- ...all over the outfit that you picked that I didn't like anyway.
- And also, if you had out your phone for the stopwatch, how did you handle the hygiene factor of that?
- And also, also, pretty sure my best time (no leaks) was 18 seconds. Suckah.

Now, presumably, Mark's wife Priscilla Chan is more mature than I was as a new mom. But generally, when your maternal instincts kick in, so do territorial ones. It's natural to be possessive and to want to be the best in your house at All Things Baby. But I'm telling you: Get over it. Because...
One: There will absolutely be aspects of parenting that your partner does better than you do. And eventually you will appreciate that.
And, two: As mothers, we can't ask our partners to step up and then not give them bragging rights.

Fathers deserve to be proud of their parenting. Kids deserve to have fathers who are proud of their parenting. So boast away, Zuck. You're encouraging a lot of dads—and a lot of moms—to share both the job and the joy. And that's a great thing for everyone.